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Switch sales have doubled in Japan, selling faster than PS4 launch but slower than Wii U

by Ron Duwell | March 30, 2017March 30, 2017 7:00 am PST

The Nintendo Switch is finding an audience in its home country, where the console is currently selling faster than the PlayStation 4 did after its launch three years ago. Over the past week, the console managed to ship out 78,441 units, no shabby feat given that the console is also still very hard to find.

According to 4Gamer, these are the weekly sales figures for every console over the course of the week.

Switch – 78,441 units

New 3DS XL – 29,771

PS4 – 25,472

Vita – 7,574

2DS – 6,722

PS4 Pro – 5,261

PS3 – 2,930

New 3DS – 2,866

Wii U – 411

Xbox One – 115

The previous week saw 49,913 Nintendo Switch consoles sales, so either it rapidly became more popular, or Nintendo actually managed to get some into stores. Either way, I haven’t seen the console on shelves anywhere. That said, I haven’t seen anybody playing it on a train yet.

The Japanese population hasn’t seemed open to using it as a portable console just yet. Smartphones still dominate the trains everywhere I look.

Selling faster than the PlayStation 4 did

At roughly one month into the lifespan of the PlayStation 4, the console managed to ship 439,810 consoles throughout the country, and it did so without having any of the big franchises that Japanese gamers usually buy.

As for the Switch, its first month of availability has seen 519,504 consoles ship, showing that Nintendo is currently on a faster pace. I wouldn’t want this to get to Nintendo’s head, though, since the Wii U managed 687,287 over the same time period, and look how far that got.

I’m sure the Nintendo Switch will do just fine in Japan, but I hope not too well. I don’t want people to empty out the stores before I get my own chance at one.

Ron Duwell

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