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Destiny 2 hits this September, heading to PC – Check out the hilarious reveal trailer

by Eric Frederiksen | March 30, 2017March 30, 2017 12:15 pm PST

After a surprise announcement and a few days of teases, we finally have some hard data on Destiny 2, and it’s all good news. Bungie’s follow-up hits this fall, just a day before the original game’s third anniversary, and yes – it’s heading to PC as well.

The character-driven reveal trailer has Cayde-6 and Commander Zavala addressing crowds of Guardians, hyping them for the coming battle against the Red Legion and their leader, Ghaul, who has taken Earth’s last safe city and currently occupies it. While the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage, the contrast of Zavala and Cayde suggests a better focus on writing and characters this time around, more reflective of the Taken King expansion to the original Destiny.

Crank those settings to Ultra

One of the biggest questions heading into the inevitable announcement of Destiny 2 was the question of whether or not the sequel would make it to PC. With the previous generation of consoles finally in the rear-view mirror, it seems Bungie was able to shift their focus to PC this time. Destiny 2 marks Bungie’s first time on PC since Halo 2 – over a decade ago. A whole audience that didn’t have access to Bungie’s loot-grind shoot’em-up can now get in on the action with the option to crank the visuals to the maximum. Bungie is promising gameplay for solo, cooperative, and competitive players alike, with “new destinations around our solar system to explore, and an expansive amount of activities to discover.”

When the game goes on sale, it’ll have a few different editions. Aside from the standard release, there will be a bundle with the expansion pass for $89.99, “Digital Deluxe” and Limited editions for $99.99 each, and a Collector’s Edition, featuring a Frontier Bag, the expansion pass, a Cabal-themed collector’s box, and “premium digital content” for $249.99. Pre-ordering will get early access to the Destiny 2 beta – though there’s no word on when or on which platforms that’ll occur.

Destiny 2 releases on September 8, and Activision is promising a gameplay reveal on May 18.

Eric Frederiksen

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