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Tesla Model Y details might be coming next week

by Danny Zepeda | March 29, 2017March 29, 2017 4:30 pm PST

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been more than chatty about the Model 3 on Twitter, where he also briefly mentioned an un-announced Model Y. The car hasn’t even been confirmed by Tesla as its next model, but Elon Musk may have just done that.

Ars Technica (via Electrek) recently asked Musk on Twitter via a private direct message about the Model Y and if any info would be announced soon. Musk’s reply was a simple, “Next week.” You can read Ars Technica’s exchange with Elon Musk down below.

Finally, we’ve had the closest thing to official confirmation that a cheaper electric SUV—the so-called Model Y—is happening. We asked Musk (via Twitter direct message) whether there was any truth to recent rumors of the fourth model. The reply? An enigmatic “Next week.”

We might have another Tesla car on the horizon. The release cycle for the Model Y makes sense for Tesla. Briefly ignoring its Roadster, the first two cars it released were the Model S and the Model X—a premium electric sedan and SUV. It followed that up with a smaller, more affordable sedan with the Model 3, and the next logical step would be a smaller, more affordable SUV.

When would we theoretically see the Model Y?

Knowing Elon Musk, if the Model Y turns out to be Tesla’s next car, we wouldn’t see it for a long, long time. Tesla isn’t exactly efficient with the production of its cars. The Model 3 was announced in March 2016, but most people who preordered it won’t be seeing their cars until 2018 at the earliest.

If Elon Musk does reveal some new information about the Model Y next week, TechnoBuffalo will be sure to pass it along.

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