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Google Home and Wifi go on sale in the U.K. next week

Google today announced that its Home speaker and Wifi router are finally going on sale in the United Kingdom next week. Both devices will cost £129 (approx. $162) each — £20 less than the Amazon Echo — and they’ll be available from a large selection of major retailers, including Argos, Currys PC World, and John Lewis.

Google Home made its debut in the U.S. last October, and at the time, Google promised it would be available in the U.K. “soon.” Five months later, it’s finally happening. Fans will be able to purchase the smart speaker, which boasts the Google Assistant and has been loaded with “a few British treats,” on April 6. Swappable bases will also be available in fabric and metal for £18 (approx. $23) and £36 (approx. $45) respectively.

Home will ship with support for a number of U.K. news services, including the BBC, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, The Sun, Sky News, and Sky Sports. It’s thought all features available in the U.S. will also be available, including integration with other smart home devices.

Despite being slightly cheaper than the Echo, Home can carry out similar tasks, like creating reminders and timers, fetching information, and making table reservations in your favorite restaurant. Unlike the Echo, Home supports contextual conversations, so you can ask things like, “how old is Theresa May?” immediately followed by “where was she born?”

Google Wifi, which will also be available on April 6, starts at £129 for one unit but is also available in a two-pack for £229 (approx. $288). This allows users to create a network with multiple hubs to improve their Wi-Fi connection in larger buildings. It doesn’t look like there will be a three-pack like the bundle sold in the U.S. for $299.

You’ll be able to purchase Home and Wifi from Google’s online store and the retailers mentioned above. Google promises they will also be available from Amazon “soon.”

Killian Bell

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