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Overwatch: Orisa picked for the first time by a pro, gets shredded fast

by Joey Davidson | March 25, 2017March 25, 2017 2:00 pm PST

Mark pro gamer Juv3nile down in the gaming history books. He’s the first to every pick Orisa, the newest Overwatch hero, in a competitive tournament match. That’s the good news. The further detail? Orisa immediately got rocked by Reinhardt.

It went down during a match between the Renegades (that’s Juv3nile’s team) and Complexity. Complexity was owning the point on Village when Juv3nile picked Orisa to break the current composition deadlock. He made his way to the point, tossed down a shield and immediately fell to an Earth Shatter and died.

Ouch. Here’s the video of the day’s matches. Jump to 3:31:45 to see it go down.

Orisa isn’t even playable in competitive yet

Orisa is live right now for Quick Play and Custom modes. She is playable on the main Overwatch build. She’s not, however, playable in Competitive Mode. It’s for reasons like this one.

Players aren’t ready to throw down with her effectively just yet. You’ll see that Juv3nile immediately switches to Wintson for the next round in the clip. The Orisa comp, for now, is an unlearned one.


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