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Samsung will kill the Galaxy Note 7 in more regions later this month

by Josh Levenson | March 24, 2017March 24, 2017 7:00 am PDT

Samsung will start rolling out a software update later this month to disable charging on all unreturned Galaxy Note 7 units in South Korea and a number of other regions.

This news comes five months after the company was forced to initiate a second recall (and put an end to production) of the Galaxy Note 7 following reports of replacement handsets catching fire.

After the upgrade starts rolling out, the only way customers will be able to use their device is by keeping it plugged into the wall, which should be enough to convince them to ship it back to Samsung.

This isn’t the first update of its kind

Last year, the firm teamed up with carriers in the United States to release an identical update and even went a step further in markets where the handset is still at large, by remotely shutting off its access to mobile networks.

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