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Apple scooped up Workflow, one of the best utility apps for iOS

by Danny Zepeda | March 23, 2017March 23, 2017 11:30 am PST

Apple this week confirmed the acquisition of Workflow, one of the best utility apps for iOS. Surprisingly, the company doesn’t plan to shut it down.

Workflow is one the best ways to get multiple apps and functions to work together in iOS—something Apple is famous for restricting. The thing that sets Workflow apart is its ability to effortlessly combine tasks from app to app in a smooth manner. Stringing along tasks allows it to create a powerful work flow. A few of the actions you could do with the app included: making animated GIFs, making PDFs from a Safari page, directions to the nearest coffee shop and attaining all images from a web page.

These actions could be accessed through the Workflow widget in Notification Center.

Workflow garnered wide praise over the past few years for its routine updates that take advantage of the latest updates to iOS. It also won an Apple Design Award in 2015.

When big companies like Apple buy smaller companies, it typically means they’ll get absorbed and shut down down. Apple will instead offer the app for free; before the announcement , Workflow was $2.99 in the App Store.

What happens to the app now?

For the time being, Workflow will still be available for free in the App Store and will continue to be supported, but that can change at any time. Apple may decide to integrate Workflow’s services into iOS like it has with other apps, Siri being the most prominent. Or it might just let it live as an independent app. The fact that the app is still available bodes well for the second option.

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