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HTC unveils limited-edition U Ultra with sapphire display

by Killian Bell | March 20, 2017March 20, 2017 4:16 am PST

HTC today revealed its “unexpected surprise,” but it turns out it wasn’t all that unexpected. The company unveiled a limited-edition U Ultra with a super-strong sapphire glass display, which is available to pre-order now if you live in Taiwan.

HTC first unveiled the U Ultra back in January, and it told fans at the time that a sapphire version would be available later. It’s somewhat disappointing, then, that this is the company’s “unexpected surprise,” given that we already knew about it. There’s nothing new about this particular version of the device; it’s almost exactly the same as the original internally.

It also comes in the same color options — blue, black, white, and pinkĀ — so the only different is the glass panel on the front is sapphire, not Gorilla Glass, and you get 128GB of internal storage instead of 64GB. There is no limited-edition finish to go alongside it. There is no Snapdragon 835 processor. There is no added water-resistance.

HTC is offering some bundled extras; customers who pre-order before the launch on March 28 get a free leather case, a power bank, and a key ring — plus limited-edition packaging. However, for sapphire glass, additional storage, and these “freebies,” you’ll have to pay a lot more.

In Taiwan, the sapphire edition U Ultra costsĀ NT$ 28,900 (approx. $920). That’s $170 more than the original, which offers exactly the same user experience and features.

It seems as though this limited-edition U Ultra could be exclusive to Taiwan, so you probably won’t have to worry about choosing between this one and the original anyway. This makes today’s HTC announcement even less exciting for everyone outside of the company’s home country.

Maybe next time, HTC!

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