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PlayStation 3 production ending “soon” in Japan

by Ron Duwell | March 17, 2017March 17, 2017 6:00 am PST

According to the official Japanese PlayStation website, Sony plans to end production of the PlayStation 3 console “soon.” The only available model of the console in Japan is the 500GB model, and the website states that “shipments are scheduled to end soon.”

Different game shops across the country are saying that Sony will actually cease shipments this month everywhere in Japan, as suggested by at least one shop in Fukuoka.

From $599 and Giant Enemy Crabs to a splendid console

It’s hard to believe that the PlayStation 3 is over a decade old, but it actually first launched back in November 2006! I was in college, and Sony seemed to finally have succumbed to a bit of arrogance thanks to the dominating success of the PlayStation 2. $599 for Ridge Racer and Giant Enemy Crabs? No thank you.

Luckily, the PlayStation 3 managed to shift its messaging and crank out a few solid games to get itself back on the right path to become a strong competitor against the Wii and the Xbox 360.


Ron Duwell

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