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PSA: Blaster Master Zero now supports the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

by Ron Duwell | March 16, 2017March 16, 2017 5:00 pm PDT

One of the Nintendo Switch’s slickest launch games is now capable of supporting its most popular method of play. Inti Creates has confirmed that Blaster Master Zero’s version 1.1 update is currently being rolled out now, and it will add Pro Controller support to the classically stylized game.

If it hasn’t already reached you, the update will install itself on your Nintendo Switch and be ready for you before the day is out. For those who are having trouble keeping up with the game through the Joy-Con controllers, using the Pro Controller is the optimum way to go about playing.

A great controller for a great throwback

Blaster Master Zero is a reimagining of Sunsoft’s 8-bit classic. With the difficulty turned down and the accessibility now more open than ever, a generation of gamers will finally be able to see what this lost gem is all about. The only difference is that the North American story has been scrapped. No more radiated pet frogs to be found… oh well…

Blaster Master Zero is available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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