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You can now have food delivered to your door from GrubHub using Alexa

by Josh Levenson | March 15, 2017March 15, 2017 7:00 pm PST

The future of ordering takeaways is finally here for GrubHub users. The company has added an Alexa skill that’ll let you reorder any of your last three purchases using nothing but your voice.

As you’d expect, it’s relatively easy to set up. All you have to do is add the Grubhub skill to Alexa using the assistant’s companion application and select the prompts you want to use.

“Ordering meals with only your voice is one of the more popular capabilities on Alexa. Customers love how convenient it is to simply ask Alexa to place an order for delivery,” said Rob Pulciani, Director, Amazon Alexa.

“I’m excited that customers can now reorder from Grubhub’s network of 50,000-plus restaurants, giving them even more choices as to where their next breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack will come from.”

Ordering couldn’t be easier

Once configured, you can tell Alexa to “open GrubHub,” before being given a list of your last three orders. You’ll then need to respond with which one you’d like, and Alexa will tell you how long you can expect to wait. Simple.


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