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Oculus funding VR development with more than $500m to expedite quality

by Joey Davidson | March 15, 2017March 15, 2017 3:30 pm PDT

Oculus is not looking to be a video games publisher like EA or Activision. Vice President of Content Jason Rubin explicitly made that comment in a recent interview with Shacknews.

Oculus is, however, looking to push the speed of quality development by funding developers. They have plans to drop more than $500 million total on development funding in order to accomplish that feat.

Shacknews had Rubin elaborate on that concept of helping developers for the long term success of the Oculus platform. Here’s what he said, though I emphasized the especially important parts.

I think if VR and when VR is massive and self-sustaining, there’s nothing that would make Oculus happier than stepping out of this and letting the industry do what it needs to do, but we understand that the fastest way to get VR to the masses is by taking leaps forward in the quality of content. Which brings users. Which allows us to spend more on content or developers to spend more on content which brings more users. I watched that happen over decades for the PC. We don’t want this to take decades, so somebody has to put in resources to get it to grow more quickly. You’ll see Google do the same for their platform. Sony is doing the same for their platform. We’re the single largest, most aggressive backer of content in the VR business period. It’s the right thing to do.

VR needs killer content

The fact of the matter here is that no one will buy an Oculus Rift without quality software. I mean “no one” in terms of wide-scale adoption, and I’m not including hardware geeks like us.

VR needs great software, and Oculus clearly knows this. Will their $500m+ in development funding make a dent? We’ll see in the coming years.


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