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Overwatch: New hero Orisa officially releases on March 21

by Joey Davidson | March 14, 2017March 14, 2017 8:30 am PDT

Overwatch’s next hero, Orisa, is set to officially stomp from the PTR to the full game next week. Blizzard announced that the tank would hit the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 21.

They also shared a video that covers the behind-the-scenes creation of Orisa. Dig into that here.

Blizzard needed a tank to rival Reinhardt

In competitive play, Reinhardt is practically a required pick. The hammer wielding, shield touting hero can control an entire space while providing much-needed cover for teammates. He’s indispensable.

Orisa, Blizzard hopes, will become that next “anchor tank.” She offers the ability to provide a mobile shield, some minor crowd control and a potentially huge team damage boosting ultimate. Those three things make her a great character.

She’ll be live officially next Tuesday when Overwatch updates on each platform. We’re excited, are you?

Joey Davidson

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