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Nintendo will air a Zelda: Breath of the Wild “Making of” documentary today!

by Ron Duwell | March 14, 2017March 14, 2017 4:45 am PDT

Nintendo is all about promoting its latest critical darling, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you haven’t heard yet, it’s pretty good, and Nintendo wants as many people to know this as possible. A strong Zelda game can only be good for Switch sales.

Not only is the game getting plenty of positive press from those who have played it, but the story of how it was made is equally fascinating. Nintendo was forced to cope with the loss of its leader and completely overhauled how we look at The Legend of Zelda as a franchise during the course of its development. For those interested in development or who just casually want to know how the game was made, Nintendo will air a documentary today which explains the entire process.

The documentary will begin at 6:00AM PST today, according to the Twitter post.

I still haven’t played it yet…

Pity me, please. I’m still waiting for my Switch. I’ll know everything about this game from watching Nintendo speaking about it and reading from other people’s experiences before I actually get to play. I sound like a stream subscriber…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U.


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