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Google Pixel stock still scarce, defective microphone to blame?

by Brandon Russell | March 14, 2017March 14, 2017 2:15 pm PDT

Now’s not the best time to purchase a new smartphone, but if you were to buy something, we’d recommend the Pixel or Pixel XL. Unfortunately, you can’t buy either model from Google, because the company continues to struggle with keeping the device in stock.

As pointed out by Android Police, customers hoping to purchase either model have to join a waitlist, and there’s no telling how long that might take. Every single size and color—from the 32GB Pixel in silver to the 128GB Pixel XL in blue—is currently out of stock, with no indication when units will be available. It could be a few weeks or a few months.

At this point, five months after the device originally launched, you may as well wait until Google releases a follow-up to the Pixel and Pixel XL—or until the Galaxy S8 releases in April. After all, we’re starting to see reports about what to expect from Google’s new phones, so your patience may pay off.

It’s unclear why Google has been unable to maintain stock, even months after launch. We’d expect this type of scenario to happen to OnePlus in 2015. But this is Google we’re talking about, not a small startup.

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What’s the problem?

Perhaps demand was much higher than Google anticipated, or perhaps the defective microphone issue was more widespread than Google led on. The fact that Google has been so mum on its documented supply issues can lead to all kinds of wild speculation.

Whatever the issue is, it’s bad form and ultimately hurts the consumer. We can’t in good conscious recommend the Google Pixel if you can’t even find the device to purchase. It’s becoming a familiar motif regarding the Pixel, marring what is otherwise one of the industry’s best phones.

Whenever a new device launches, whether it be an iPhone or Galaxy device, supply issues are to be expected. But several months after launch, there’s a reasonable expectation for manufacturers to keep their product in stock. Sadly, if you were hoping to purchase a Pixel or Pixel XL with your tax return, it’s either join a waitlist or find it through other means.

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