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Xbox Project Scoprio to offer 4K game DVR capture

by Joey Davidson | March 13, 2017March 13, 2017 1:30 pm PST

Xbox’s Project Scorpio seems like it’s set to truly be a monster of a console. Windows Central has it from “trusted sources” that the system will be able to capture 4K, 60fps gameplay for recording and streaming.

Whether or not that streaming in 4K will be restricted to Beam remains to be seen. Beam is Microsoft’ first-party, recently acquired game streaming service.

Project Scorpio will also have an internal power supply

├ąThe original Xbox One offers a big, beefy power supply that sits outside the console and in line with the power cord. The Xbox One S, however, packs that internally.

Project Scorpio will mirror the smaller system in this regard. Windows Central confirmed that with their sources, too, stating that “the age of the hulking Xbox power brick is truly over.” I hope so, since it clears up the space behind my TV tremendously.

Expect more on Project Scropio in the months leading up to E3 in June.

Windows Central

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