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John Oliver tears into Samsung for its recalls and PR problems in NSFW rant

by Ron Duwell | March 13, 2017March 13, 2017 8:00 am PDT

Samsung took a bit of heat this weekend from comedian John Oliver and his HBO television show Last Week TonightThe witty comedian called out Samsung’s recent wave of recalls for faulty and dangerous products, especially the high-profile recall of the Galaxy Note 7, and singled out the company’s PR for not being able to stem the tide of bad press that rolled against it.

After concluding that Samsung needed a little help with commercials surrounding these issues, Oliver offered his own thoughts on how the company should handle its messaging and even went so far as to make a commercial for them.

Naturally, it turned out as spot on as all of John Oliver’s other commercials.

Warning: The video below is definitely NSFW and has language which might not be suitable for children or family ears.

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