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Doppler Labs accuses Bose of copying its tech

by Brandon Russell | March 7, 2017March 7, 2017 12:45 pm PDT

A lawsuit filed against Bose this week has accused the headphone-maker of stealing technology from Doppler Labs, the latter of which unveiled its Here One headphones on Kickstarter last year.

According to the suit, via TechCrunch, Bose’s Hearphones are based on the Here One headphones, using similar augmented pass-through listening technology.

Doppler Labs claims Bose’s senior manager of Idea & Portfolio Management Chris Miller backed the Here One headphones on Kickstarter in order to gain early access to the technology. Afterward, Miller allegedly used what he learned from Doppler’s invention in Bose’s own earbuds.

In addition, Doppler Labs points to several meetings with Bose executives last year, in which the company disclosed proprietary technology. Apparently, Bose was looking to license Doppler’s tech but nothing ever came to fruition; Doppler is in the belief Bose had ulterior motives during the round of meetings.

It’s a bizarre story

Since Doppler Labs released its Here Active Listening system in 2015, the company has received plenty of praise from media, including a “Best Invention” award in 2015 from Time Magazine. The company’s Here One earbuds, meanwhile, were reviewed by The Verge and were said to have “rich sound” and “impressive audio filtering.”

Whether the company has a case against Bose remains to be seen. The entire 16-page lawsuit can be read in its entirety on Scribd, via The Verge.

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