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Zelda fans think Nintendo tucked the secret origins of Breath of the Wild in hidden message

by Ron Duwell | March 6, 2017March 6, 2017 9:30 am PST


Or, I wouldn’t call it spoilers, just really deep logic strands that The Legend of Zelda fanbase is known for. Reddit user sparkthedarkness over at the Legend of Zelda subreddit has fully translated the game’s language system, and naturally, everyone is out to find every little piece of information they can within the game.

Generally, this discovery has led to the names of a few areas, but without question, the most important of the reveals comes from a text on the box of the special edition. When thrown through the translator, it reads “THEHYRULEFANTASY” over and over again, which is the original NES classic’s subtitle in Japan.

Some fans have taken this to just be a nod towards the series’ history, but others believe it to be a hint at the origins of the game. People who buy into this claim that Breath of the Wild is actually a re-imagining of the original 8-bit hit. Nintendo has drawn comparisons before, and this isn’t the first time the two have appeared to be connected. The strictly open world approach, the lack of civilization, the fact that Breath of the Wild was originally created from a 8-bit prototype.

Nothing is ever set in stone with The Legend of Zelda

As usual, this is just fans speculating, and much like the timeline, it’s going to take Nintendo years to actually respond in full to their ideas. Some follow the timeline like its religion and are still trying to piece Breath of the Wild into it. I rather like the idea of this being a remake, though, something Nintendo slid under all of our noses for the longest time.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the original has been remade either since that is how the Oracle games got their start.

Fan lore and Nintendo’s official descriptions have always been murky and ever-changing when it comes to the expansive, 30 year legacy of the series. Don’t take either route so seriously and believe whatever you want.


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