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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Shrines and restarts load faster on Wii U than Switch

by Joey Davidson | March 6, 2017March 6, 2017 11:00 am PST

This is a touch strange. For The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game largely performs better on the Nintendo Switch. Resolution, frame rate, sound quality and, for the most part, loading speed are all better on the Nintendo Switch.

Which one would assume is the case given the fact that the Switch is a brand new console.

As the video below from YouTuber Master0fHyrule proves, though, the Wii U version of Link’s latest adventure beats the Switch in two areas. That’s how fast the shrines load up and how quickly you can back to playing after dying.

Don’t worry, it’s a super narrow gap

The Wii U beats out the Switch in two spots of loading, sure. You’ll go in and out of a lot of shrines and, if you’re like me, you’ll die all the time. Expect to hit these screens at a quick clip.

You might run into people that point out this loading disparity in order to, I don’t know, call the Switch a bad console. Whether or not that’s true, I don’t think this is a good metric for judgement. Consider that the Switch version of Breath of the Wild runs with better textures, more polygons and at a higher resolution and it makes sense that it takes a little extra muscle and time to load up.

I’m playing on the Switch now, and my only complaint comes from frame rate drops. There are times when the system struggles in open fields with dense swaying grass. That’s the worst.

Which platform are you playing Breath of the Wild on, and how are you finding the game?

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