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Doctor Strange gets hilariously wrecked by Honest Trailers

by Danny Zepeda | March 4, 2017March 4, 2017 10:00 am PDT

Honest Trailers is back at it again with another installment of its hilarious YouTube series. This time around, the channel sets its sights on Doctor Strange. Or, as they put it, Iron Man on weed.

The tongue in cheek humor Honest Trailers is known for really digs into Doctor Strange’s weaknesses; mainly, that it’s essentially Iron Man. The plot for both movies follow similar points: a super-rich, arrogant visionary goes through a traumatic experience that puts him on a patch to becoming a hero. Along the way he learns to be humble. When you put it that way, it pretty much is the same movie.

The video also takes aim at the movie’s punching-only action sequences, Benedict Cumberbatch’s awkward American accent and the watered-down secondary characters. But one hero does arise from the roasting and escapes the insults—Doctor Strange’s cloak.

Dr. Strange does have some good messages

Honest Trailer’s does give Doctor Strange credit for a few things. The latest Marvel movie doesn’t fall for the bait of using a CGI-army or sky beam as its climax. It also saved money by using the scene where Doctor Strange talks to the Dormammu thirteen separate times. And probably most importantly, it sends the powerful message that modern medicine can’t be trusted and to never text and drive, because you might turn into a wizard who can travel through different dimensions.

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