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Deadpool 2: Check out the hilarious teaser playing before Logan

by Brandon Russell | March 4, 2017March 4, 2017 10:38 am PST

So, there’s no post-credits scene attached to Logan, nor is there a Deadpool cameo anywhere to be found. There is, however, a fun Deadpool 2 teaser that plays ahead of Logan, which has been released online by (who else?) Ryan Reynolds.

Potential spoilers ahead

In the teaser, we see Wade Wilson (Deadpool) walking down squalid city streets, listening to his favorite jam “Angel of the Morning.” He stops to observe an old man (Uncle Ben?!) being held at gunpoint, so he decides to jump into action.

But rather than stop the crime in street clothes, Wade runs over to a nearby phone booth and tries, with much difficulty, to change into his Deadpool suit—all backed by Superman’s theme song. After about two minutes—and a phone call later—a gunshot is heard, indicating the man being robbed has been shot.

I saw Logan last night and the clip released online is actually slightly different from the one shown in theaters. The one I saw didn’t have a Stan Lee cameo and there was no phone call. Largely, they’re the same.

Whichever version you see, it’s patented Deadpool humor and provides a fun teaser ahead of the movie’s 2018 release. I believe this clip was created specially for Logan; there are more than one reference to the mutton-chopped hero.

There are a few other Easter Eggs littered throughout, including a reference to Nathan Summers. Check out the teaser below.


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