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Overwatch: New hero Orisa screenshots and unlocks

by Joey Davidson | March 2, 2017March 2, 2017 11:45 am PDT

In case you missed the news, Overwatch has a new hero on the PTR. Her name is Orisa and she’s a tank.

So, we hopped into the PTR to snap pics of her in a match and her unlocks.

Here’s what she looks like in-game.

Orisa has a sustained fire left click that’s like D.Va’s gun, only more accurate. Her right-click throws out a small, remote detonated graviton pull that brings enemies in together over a short range for a split second.

Orisa also has a 900 health barrier that she can drop from a distance by pressing “e.”

Orisa’s ultimate is a line-of-sight based damage boost that applies to nearby friendlies. It can be destroyed.

Here are her unlocks.

Orisa is up for play in the PTR now on PC. She’ll likely hit the full game soon.

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