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PlayStation VR is even bigger than Sony thought it would be

by Joey Davidson | February 27, 2017February 27, 2017 9:00 am PDT

“We were expecting it to be a lot smaller than it has turned out to be,” Sony Research Fellow Richard Marks told The New York Times in a recent story about PlayStation VR.

The company (as has been the case with most VR hardware makers) has been a bit cagey about sales figures. The New York Times has the most recent figure for PlayStation VR, though. As of February 19, only four months since its initial launch, PlayStation VR has sold 915,000 units. That same story includes estimates for the Oculus Rift (243,000) and HTC Vive (420,000), but both platforms had a huge head start over PlayStation VR.

The story posits that PlayStation VR hit the market with more sales thanks to the nature of its add-on style. It’s a relatively cheaper way to get VR, so it’s doing better at retail.

Was Sony at work before Oculus announced its plans?

There’s a bit at the end of the story that comes from Dr. Marks, quoted at the head of this page. He told The New York Times that Sony actually started work “on its VR headset in 2011, before Oculus announced its efforts.”

That’s a crazy thought, isn’t it? I’m not afraid to offer that I thought of Sony’s PSVR as more of a “me too” design than pioneer work. I love that there’s a chance of a misconception on my part here.

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