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Google Allo is coming to the desktop

by Brandon Russell | February 24, 2017February 24, 2017 1:30 pm PST

Despite Google’s previous suggestions that Allo is, and always will be, a mobile-only service, the search giant is changing its mind.

The company’s VP of Communications, Nick Fox, recently shared an image of Allo running in the browser, saying, “Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you…”

When Allo launched at the end of last summer, Google made it very clear it would be a “mobile first” service, tying with user phone numbers rather than email or pre-existing social media. As a result, users were only allowed to use it on one device, severely limiting its accessibility.

While Allo is a lot of fun to use (groups are especially great), the messaging app hasn’t exactly been a runaway success. Allo has dropped out of the top 500 apps chat on the Play Store, suggesting interest from consumers was very low.

By bringing Allo to the desktop, Google appears for open to the concept of taking the service multi-platform, and therefore making it much more accessible to users. Judging by the screenshot shared by Fox, all of Allo’s headlining features are in tow, including Google Assistant.

Google should go all out

Google’s approach to messaging is still confusing as hell, what with Allo, Hangouts, and the re-branded Android Messages all offering different features and functionality. Outside of the desktop, it’s unclear of Allo will journey to other platforms, something Hangouts offers.

Fox said Allo for the desktop is still in early development, so it will likely be many months before support officially launches. With Google’s I/O planned for May, however, chances are Google will divulge more information then.

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