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Snap’s Spectacles are finally available to buy online

by Brandon Russell | February 21, 2017February 21, 2017 3:30 pm PDT

You no longer have to endure long lines—or, worse, inflated prices—to get your hands on Snap’s Spectacles. The company this week announced the sunglasses, which sport a built-in camera, are available to buy online for the same asking price of $129. The wearables are currently only available in the U.S.

With online ordering now open, Snap said the Spectacles vending machines—dubbed Snapbots—are being put on hold indefinitely, though the company says we’ll see them appear in the future. If you buy Spectacles online, deliveries are expected to go out in the next two to four weeks.

When the Spectacles were announced last year, their popularity was driven by an incredible scarcity. Users were only able to purchase them through Snapbots, which appeared in various locations throughout the U.S.

Demand was so high that some Spectacles appeared online for two to three times their original asking price. Making them available online to everyone in the U.S. significantly broadens their distribution, and makes them accessible to folks who were unable to buy them at Snapbot locations.

Snap says it’s now a camera company

Snap is aligning itself as a camera company first, and the Spectacles are expected to be the first of many new products from the company. There are rumors the company may even introduce a phone.

For $129, Spectacles are a fairly expensive experiment. But for die-hard Snapchat fans, that’s the price to pay for a more seamless, hands-free experience.


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