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Super7 helps you relive the past at Toy Fair 2017

by Sean P. Aune | February 20, 2017February 20, 2017 3:30 pm PDT

Super7 is making an entire business out of helping old and young alike relive the 1970s and 80s.

For some time now, Super7 has been making action figures that we only wish we had as kids, or ones we wish we had even been born when they were first out. While 3 & 3/4-inch action figures rose to prominence in the late 1970s, there were plenty of properties that never received the toy treatment. Thanks to the company’s ReAction line, however all of that has been changing.

At Toy Fair 2017 there was plenty of new product to be seen, starting off with the Masters of the Universe line. He-Man and his friends were huge in the 1980s both figuratively and literally. Super7 has gone about shrinking some of them down to under 4-inches while also revisiting the more massive originals.

Shogun Warriors were available as both massive figures in the 1970s and as somewhat smaller die-cast figures, but if you just wanted smaller, more affordable figures, but all of that has changed, again, thanks to ReAction.

Robotech did have action figures in the 1980s from Matchbox, but only the human, Zentradi and Invid characters received the smaller action figure treatment. This year you’ll be able to grab everything from a Zentradi Battle Pod to the SDF-1 in a scale that you can fit in your hand when Robotech comes to ReAction.

Just announced at Toy Fair was a new line addition of Toxic Avenger. Toxie will come both in his film and Toxic Crusaders color schemes. Additionally, we will see new Planet of the Apes and Alien products, as well as an entirely new product celebrating the legacy of comic icon Jack “The King” Kirby.

You can expect to see all of these new products rolling out in stores throughout 2017.

Sean P. Aune

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