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Final Fantasy granted three Guinness World Records, including most prolific RPG series

by Ron Duwell | February 20, 2017February 20, 2017 3:00 pm PST

Final Fantasy is now the proud owner of three Guinness World Records, mostly thanks to Final Fantasy XIV‘s achievements.

Thanks to the online RPG, Square Enix now holds the world record for “the longest end credits in an MMORPG game,” which clocks in at 1 hour and 38 minutes. This comes because of all the players from version 1.0 being included in the closing roll. These “Legacy Players” were added out of gratitude for sticking with the game after it was forced to relaunch itself as A Realm Reborn following the critical lashing it received upon its first release.

Final Fantasy XIV also holds the record for “the most original pieces of music in a video game” at a staggering 384. Yeah, that’s a lot. Hope some composers are getting paid overtime for that work.

Most prolific RPG series ever!

The last of the three world records is the most important of the bunch and reflective on the series as a whole rather than a single entry. Square Enix received recognition for “the most prolific role-playing game series,” as the series currently sits at an impressive 87 separate releases. This is likely because of ports, remakes, and spin-offs, but still… 87 is an awful lot of releases.

Hopefully, there are many more to come down the line.

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