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deep down returns as Capcom files for copyright again

by Ron Duwell | February 17, 2017February 17, 2017 1:30 pm PST

Admit it! Deep down, you thought that Capcom’s deep down had been all but canceled. Okay, that was a bit of a forced introduction, but Capcom’s not leaving me with much material regarding this game.

deep down‘s copyright has once again been filed for way back on Feb. 9, hinting that the game might not be as hopeless as many assumed. This is the sixth time that Capcom has extended the copyright for this wayward game, the last time being in August.

The original trademark was filed back in July 2013, and that was when the game was supposed to show off Capcom’s new Panta Rhei dedicated graphic engine. The publisher propped the game up on a pedestal, saying that it would be a AAA-quality free-to-play game that created impressive random dungeons and provided the kind of challenge reserved for Dark Souls.

It certainly did back then. I even played it once! Has it really been three years? In this regard, I can’t tell if time is being fast or slow.

About that Panta Rhei graphic engine…

To date, we haven’t actually seen a game developed using the highly touted Panta Rhei engine. This has happened a lot in recent years with proclaimed revolutionary engines like the Fox Engine and Crystal Tools only being used for a single game or mini-series before the developer is forced to move on. In Panta Rhei’s case, it hasn’t even had a chance to show off, and Capcom has already found a new favorite child.

The RE Engine used in Resident Evil 7 has been met with a lot of praise for being easy to use and widely applicable. It makes me think that the reason deep down still has a chance is that Capcom wants to switch engines and show off what this new one can do. Just a guess, but don’t be surprised if deep down gets reintroduced to us with the new graphical look.

My ears will be open at E3 2017.


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