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Apple focuses on Portrait mode in new iPhone 7 Plus ads

Apple has rolled out two new ads for the iPhone 7 Plus, focusing on the unique Portrait mode made possible by its dual rear-facing cameras. “Profile Picture” and “Boyfriend” both showcase the depth effect that blurs the background of your photo to highlight its subject.

It’s the kind of effect you expect to get from a pricey DSLR camera, but Apple has been able to replicate it using two iSight cameras and some clever software. The results are impressive, and they make the iPhone 7 Plus one of the best smartphone cameras available.

Apple’s new ads, which were uploaded to its official YouTube channel this week, are both just 15 seconds long. But that’s all you need to see Portrait mode in action and be wowed by its results.

Those dual cameras also allow for optical zoom, a feature we rarely see from smartphones. Users are able to zoom into their subject up to 2x without losing a slither of quality. Digital zoom, which is what we normally expect from smartphones, simply blows up a portion of your image, taking away resolution and resulting in a blurry photo.

Since the iPhone 7 series made its debut last September, the iPhone 7 Plus and its new camera setup have been one of its biggest selling points — and the centerpiece of Apple’s marketing.


Killian Bell

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