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T-Mobile introduces upgraded unlimited data plan in response to Verizon

by Danny Zepeda | February 14, 2017February 14, 2017 9:00 am PST

Well, that was fast. It didn’t take too long for John Legere to respond to Verizon’s unlimited data plan.

The T-Mobile CEO came out like gangbusters this afternoon on Twitter punching back with even better T-Mobile One plans for customers that include a lot of new perks. T-Mobile is finally adding HD streaming to the plan and 10GB of mobile hotspot data. Those two features were famously omitted from the plan when it was introduced last year. Customers had to buy an additional $15 plan to stream in HD.

Interestingly, the two added features are near identical to what Verizon introduced in its unlimited data plan, matching number for number. Before you start jumping for joy, we must warn Verizon’s streaming resolution caps out at 720p, which most likely means T-Mobile’s will as well. Legere didn’t reveal hard numbers for the streaming quality; there’s a chance we might be surprised, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Still, this is a step in the right direction.

While on his tear, John Legere also introduced a crazy deal for T-Mobile One customers. Starting Friday, two lines on a T-Mobile One plan will cost only $100. For context, two lines on Verizon’s unlimited data plan will costs $125. T-Mobile is seemingly on a mission to do everything it can to undercut Verizon.

The carrier wars are turning into a victory for customers

The carrier wars are turning out great for customers. Carriers have a history of up-charging customers at every turn, but with the competition raging on, none can stand pat as others introduce cheaper plans with unlimited data. Verizon’s introduction of unlimited data was a response, and T-Mobile has responded in kind rather quickly.

The move does feel very reactionary rather than revolutionary as T-Mobile is claiming, but I’ll take a win for customers any day of the week. T-Mobile and Verizon customers can reap the benefits starting today.


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