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Facebook confirms new video app coming to your TV

by Todd Haselton | February 14, 2017February 14, 2017 3:30 pm PDT

Facebook on Tuesday confirmed that it’s soon going to launch a video-centric application for the Apple TV, Samsung smart TVs and the Amazon Fire TV. The news was revealed in part of a larger discussion about Facebook’s plans to tweak the news feed with changes like auto-playing audio in videos.

“Today we’re announcing a new Facebook video app for TV, which will roll out soon to app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, with more platforms to come,” Facebook said in a blog post. It said that the app will allow folks to view shared videos on the big screen with a fully-dedicated Facebook application. Users of the app will see videos shared by pages and friends, the social network explained, and will also be able to tune in to live videos. Facebook will analyze viewing habits and recommend videos users might like based on their previous history, too.

Maybe Facebook on Apple TV won’t be all that bad…

I admit I thought the idea of a Facebook smart TV app turned me off originally, even tweeting “Yuck” when the rumors first swirled. I can get on board with this, though.

Facebook explained that the TV application will support the option to save videos for watching later. This is particularly compelling; I frequently see clips from funny segments of TV shows I watch, like SNL, but can’t really watch it when I stumble on the clip. Now I’ll be able to save that video to watch later when I’m home on my couch. Facebook will also let you rewatch videos, or view your own uploads. Facebook didn’t provide an exact timeline for the launch, but I suspect we’ll see it pretty soon.



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