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Verizon is bringing back its unlimited data plan

by Danny Zepeda | February 13, 2017February 13, 2017 3:30 pm PST

Verizon is the latest carrier to join the new unlimited data movement.

The company announced the new unlimited plans over the weekend. The plans will start at $80 per line. There will be an additional $45 for any other line on a family plan (up to 4 lines), but to take advantage of these prices, you must opt in for AutoPay and paper-free billing. The unlimited plan is good for 22GB of LTE speeds; after that, customers will either be subject to reduced data speeds or de-prioritization.

T-Mobile and Sprint have already introduced standalone unlimited plans, while AT&T introduced a similar plan for DirecTV subscribers.

Verizon’s unlimited plan will include 10GB of LTE tethering, free calls and texts to Mexico or Canada, and a 500MB daily roaming allowance in those regions as well. If you want to roam in other regions of the world, Verizon is also introducing a $10 500MB roaming TravelPass.

The new Verizon plans are available today.

Unlimited data plans are cool, just beware of them

Verizon and other carriers will try to win your affection with words like unlimited and savings, but deep down, these plans may not be all that they offer. It really isn’t an unlimited amount of data they’re offering, just a high allotment that can be capped off really easily. On top of that, the best streaming resolution Verizon’s plan offers is 720p. That’s better than T-Mobile’s 480p “DVD quality” option, but not by much.

The truth is most carriers, including Verizon, already offer data plans around or exceeding the 22GB threshold. Calling it unlimited because they won’t charge you by exceeding that amount while slowing down your speeds to useless levels doesn’t make it an unlimited plan. These plans will be of value to many customers who understand what they’re getting into, but just be wary of what’s being offered because it comes with many limitations.

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