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Gorgeous new renders provide closer look at Galaxy S8

Gorgeous new renders of the Galaxy S8 provide us with a closer look at its new design ahead of the official unveiling. They’re based on everything we know so far about Samsung’s next-generation smartphone, and they make us even more excited for its launch.

These are third-party renders, so bear in mind that the actual Galaxy S8 could look a little different. However, they were created using leaked schematics and photos of the real thing, so we believe them to be pretty accurate.

As expected, the Galaxy S8 in the renders sports curved glass front and back, USB-C connectivity, a fingerprint scanner alongside its rear-facing camera (the physical home button is gone), and a 3.5mm headphone jack on its bottom edge.

The handset doesn’t look too dissimilar to the Galaxy S7 edge. It’s essentially two pieces of glass held together by a sleek aluminum frame. But the larger “infinity display,” which takes up most of the space on the front of the phone, means it is by far Samsung’s prettiest handset yet.

Inside the Galaxy S8, we’re expecting to see Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor, around 6GB of RAM, and iris scanning technology. The handset is also expected to bring Bixby, Samsung’s all-new virtual assistant, and possible S Pen compatibility.

Samsung won’t announce the Galaxy S8 series until April, according to recent rumors — but we could get a sneak peek at Mobile World Congress later this month.

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