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Tesla accidentally leaks pictures of the upcoming major update to its mobile app

by Danny Zepeda | February 10, 2017February 10, 2017 2:30 pm PDT

Tesla is known for its cutting edge cars that are littered with crazy technology, but that unfortunately doesn’t extend to every single one of its products. One area where Tesla is not lighting the world on fire is with its mobile app. The app is still based on an outdated iOS 6 design with weird a dark bar at the top and hints of skeuomorphism. We don’t know when the new update will be released, but thanks to Electrek, we know what it will look like.

Elon Musk has gone on the record stating the app would be receiving a major update soon, but no timeframe for the release was announced. But that date appears to be any day now because Tesla inadvertently updated the pictures for the app in the Google Play Store that reveal that new design. The new app looks much sleeker and easier to use. It calls to mind the look on the operating system inside the cars. The same mistake wasn’t made in the App Store, which still has the same pictures of the current outdated version. Tesla has since pulled the pictures from the Google Play Store.

The new update will bring with it new features like fingerprint login and widget support. These new features were sorely missing from the app, but its not that surprising considering the last major update came four years ago. You can see the new update of the Tesla app along with the current version of it down below.

Tesla app update will pair nicely with upcoming Tesla v.8.1 update

Along with the anticipated update to the app, Tesla had also announced an upcoming update to its operating system of the car v.8.1 that will most likely add sync capabilities with the app. You can expect both updates to be released to the public in the coming days or weeks.

This, along with the news that the Model 3 is entering production and the Model S keeps getting quicker, is turning February into quite a noteworthy month for Tesla.

Expect big things from Tesla this year


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