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Tesla Model S P100D breaks another record with a 0-60 in 2.28 seconds

by Danny Zepeda | February 7, 2017February 7, 2017 12:30 pm PST

Just when you thought the Tesla Model S P100D, the quickest production car in the world, couldn’t get any faster, it did.

The Tesla Model S is no stranger to breaking records against stock cars. One already achieved a 2.38 seconds 0mph to 60mph time with Ludicrous+ Mode enabled. MotorTrend decided to test out the new update for itself. In MotorTrend’s tests, a mostly-stock (see below) Model S P100D raced from 0mph to 60mph in just 2.28 seconds. It completed a quarter mile in just 10.5 seconds.

During the testing, the P100D was put up against the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Ferrari LaFerrari and it kept its lead the whole time. What’s more impressive is the update is being rolled out over the air to owners, meaning any owner of the Model S P100D that gets the Ludicrous Mode+ update can realistically achieve these insane speeds.

Although this is an impressive number, it should be noted that the the car MotorTrend used to test the record-breaking time came equipped with Tesla’s new Arachnid wheels, which are lighter than other options and help to improve performance. The wheels can only be attained through Tesla’s referral program and are not available for purchase by everyone.

Technically, this is still not the fastest Tesla ever

The Tesla Model S P100D 2.28 second 0mph to 60mph time is a new record for a stock car, but a modded P100D with a stripped down interior managed to run a 2.1 second 0mph-to-60mph time. That is technically the record holder for quickest Tesla car, but I doubt anyone with a Model S will rip out their leather seats to make their car slightly faster. Call it a hunch, but I’m guess most will settle for the 2.28 second 0 to 60 time.

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