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Netflix’s Iron Fist’s official trailer shows of some serious butt-kicking

by Danny Zepeda | February 7, 2017February 7, 2017 11:30 am PDT

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got the first official trailer for Iron First. After several teases and tidbits of information, Netflix finally debuted the trailer for the highly-anticipated Marvel series on Tuesday, and it shows off all the butt-whooping we’ve come to expect from Marvel shows on Netflix.

The trailer introduces us to Danny Rand (Finn Jones), the prodigal son who returns after being lost during a tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of both his parents. Rand somehow survives and manages to stay alive. Unfortunately, nobody knows who he is, so he conveniently needs to show off his kick-ass martial arts skills when security guards try to escort him out of the Rand Enterprises building.

Flashbacks and quick cuts reveal some of the challenges Rand went through and how he survived during his time away. Upon his return, he quickly encounters resistance not only within his company, but also from ominous figures that will play the antagonist roles.

“This city is no place for Danny Rand,” states a hidden figure in sinister tone.

Iron Fist looks to pick up on the mantle set forth by Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Those shows really delve into the grittiness of Marvel characters, and it looks like Iron Fist will be no different.

Iron Fist’s trailer looks really similar to Batman Begins

The trailer for Iron Fist got me really pumped up for the series, but it also reminded me of the plot for Batman Begins. If you remember, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman prequel, Bruce Wayne too embarks on a similar journey of self-discovery and martial arts training. Upon the conclusion of his training and run-in with Ra’s al Ghoul, he returns to Gotham City as the prodigal son, taking over his family’s successful company. It is at this point that he takes up the mantle of Batman to battle the crime destroying his city.

Iron Fist follows much of the same plot in the trailer. I’m sure it’ll deviate upon the continuation of the series’ 13 episodes, but it’s still an interesting connection to note. We’ll see if Iron Fist throws us any new surprises when it becomes available to stream on Netflix March 17.


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