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Report takes us inside Apple’s new Campus 2, set to open this spring

by Todd Haselton | February 7, 2017February 7, 2017 6:30 am PST

Thanks to plenty of drone footage, we’ve had a chance to watch Apple’s new “Spaceship” Campus 2 office building take shape. We haven’t yet had a chance to go inside the building; but, thanks to a new report from Reuters that taps insiders, we’re starting to learn a bit more about the interior of Campus 2.

Reuters‘ report discusses Apple’s obsessive attention to detail from everything to the emergency exit signs to the concrete ceilings of the building. It suggests that some of Apple’s perfectionist tendencies may have led to delays; the building was originally set to open sometime during 2015 but has been pushed back due to “a lengthy approval process with the city” of Cupertino, Reuters explained. The news outlet also touched on how Apple’s engineers wanted everything to be exactly as imagined by Steve Jobs, even if construction crews didn’t think that was feasible.

“One of the most vexing features was the doorways, which Apple wanted to be perfectly flat, with no threshold, ” Reuters explained. “The construction team pushed back, but Apple held firm. The rationale? If engineers had to adjust their gait while entering the building, they risked distraction from their work, according to a former construction manager.”

iPhone inspiration

Apple also drew inspiration from the iPhone for much of the building’s features. “Architect German de la Torre, who worked on the project, found many of the proportions – such as the curve of a rounded corner – came from Apple’s products,” Reuters said. “The elevator buttons struck some workers as resembling the iPhone’s home button; one former manager even likened the toilet’s sleek design to the device.”

We have yet to see any official photos of the interior of the building, but we hope that changes if Campus 2 is set to open this spring. With features like the largest single panel of curved glass in the world, it’s shaping up to be an engineering marvel that we hope Apple shares with everyone.




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