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Overwatch working on fix for players losing to lower their skill ratings

by Joey Davidson | February 6, 2017February 6, 2017 6:00 am PST

You know what’s annoying? Playing competitive mode in Overwatch, getting extremely close to achieving a new rank and finding your way onto a team with a player trying to tank their account.

It happened to me on Lijang Tower map with the semi-floating center. Our teammate immediately picked Winston, and that player jumped off the map again and again and again. We lost, they didn’t suffer the quitter’s penalty and they lost rank.

Players derank like this in order to get themselves away from higher skill. They get their high badge, then they lose a bunch so they can play weaker players. It’s, in a word, obnoxious. Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan says the team has noticed, and they’re working on it.

Kaplan says they might have a fix coming

Here’s Kaplan on the forums:

We are strongly opposed to this behavior and working on a policy to make it consistently actionable and detectable. Even if you are in a 6 person team, intentionally losing to lower your skill rating is not acceptable.

For now, feel free to use the reporting system and choose Griefing/Inactivity to report this (coming soon to console).

If they develop a way to actually make this stuff detectable and bannable, that’s huge. We’ll let you know if it happens.

Joey Davidson

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