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Shigeru Miyamoto’s Project Robot officially canceled

by Ron Duwell | February 2, 2017February 2, 2017 1:00 pm PDT

It’s the Shigeru Miyamoto game we’ll never get to play. Nintendo has officially canceled Project Giant Robot a full two years after Miyamoto jovially showed up and supported his creation with the utmost enthusiasm.

Nintendo issued a statement on the cancellation through Polygon after the site had noticed that the game was missing from the company’s most recent financial earnings report.

we made this decision after considering our overall product and development strategy.

No hope for a Switch version either

Project Giant Robot was created as a prototype game with the intention of fully using the Wii U gamepad’s motion sensor technology and dual screen capabilities. Since Nintendo confirmed that the Switch would be unable to work as a dual screen gaming console like the Wii U, we can assume that Miyamoto’s dream will not be getting another chance on it.

Back to the drawing board, I suppose. I was never convinced that Project Giant Robot would become a fully-fledged game, to be honest, but the Joy-Con controllers seem to have plenty of potential to fill in the gaps of where Miyamoto was going.

Maybe we’ll see him resurge again with something better.


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