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iPhone 8 concept shows stunning morphing home button

by Todd Haselton | February 2, 2017February 2, 2017 7:30 am PST

In the recent weeks, we’ve been treated with two really solid iPhone 8 concepts created by artists who are trying to pair their imaginations with rumors of what the iPhone 8 might hold in store. Now we’re back with another one, and it might be one of our favorites yet.

This iPhone 8 concept was designed by Thadeu Brandao exclusively for Concepts iPhone, which ran it on its YouTube channel this week. It offers a brand new take on what Apple might be able to do with the Home button one day, but keep in mind this isn’t something that we think Apple is actually planning.

Note how the concept imagines a home button that’s capable of morphing depending on the app that’s being used, kind of like the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar display. If you’re in the camera, for example, the home button might double as a shutter key. Or maybe it has a special purpose in galleries, the music app, editing apps and more. I love the idea, but I wonder how the user might then back out of a program, since this is usually the primary function of the home button.

And that display…

Again, I’m not quite sure this design is plausible, but I love where Brandao is going with the ideas, particularly the full-screen display that totally dominates the front of the iPhone. Check out the full concept in the video below.

Want more? Here are concepts created by Iskander Utebayev and Moe Slah:

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