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Immigration ban affects “hundreds” of Apple employees, Cook says

by Todd Haselton | February 1, 2017February 1, 2017 6:30 am PDT

Apple CEO Tim Cook has already spoken out against President Trump’s recent immigration ban, but now he’s vocalizing his concerns even further, noting that Apple may consider legal action if there aren’t some reversals.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal this week, Cook said that “hundreds” of Apple employees are affected by the ban, preventing them from traveling without fear they might not be able to get back into the United States. Cook also reflected on immigration’s role in the foundation of our country.

“More than any country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds,” Cook said. “That’s what makes us special. We ought to pause and really think deeply through that.”

Cook speaking with senior officials

Cook told the news outlet that he’s been in touch with “very, very senior people in the White House” about trying to get the ban overturned. The Wall Street Journal said Apple is even weighing “legal action,” likely in an effort to make sure its employees, and other Americans, can travel freely. “These are people that have friends and family. They’re co-workers. They’re taxpayers. They’re key parts of the community,” Cook told The Wall Street Journal.

The Trump administration has not shown any signs of lifting the ban.


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