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Phantom Dust remaster should be out before E3, says Phil Spencer

by Ron Duwell | February 1, 2017February 1, 2017 8:00 pm PST

The Xbox cult-hit Phantom Dust was confirmed to be getting an HD remaster last year just before E3 2016, but since then we’ve heard nothing about it. Fans are on edge after the planned reboot for the series never got off the ground, and the remaster being canceled would probably be a little too much for them to take.

Never fear, though, because Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is on the job. Spencer, who is a self-proclaimed fan of the game, assured his fellow devotees on his Twitter page that the game is still in the works. In fact, it could even “ship before E3!”

Wow, that came out of nowhere. After hearing nothing about the remaster for a year, the first bit of information we get on it is a release window within the next four months? Maybe Microsoft is keeping this one on the hush-hush because it’s an awkward title, one for the “the fans.”

Phantom Dust is the weirdest hybrid game you’ll ever find.

Phantom Dust is one of those magical games which is overly complex on paper and sounds like it would never work… and yet it totally does once you get your hands on it. Imagine a card game combat system tied to a third-person shooter. Two characters run around a tight arena and fire their drawn abilities at one another. Toss in some RPG elements, a full on adventure mode, and a freakishly weird post-apocalyptic setting…

You can see why this wasn’t a mainstream hit. Given today’s awkward taste in games thanks to the indie market and the pedigree of its original creator, Panzer Dragoon mastermind Yukio Futatsugi, I think it could do a lot better nowadays than it originally did. Give it a cheaper price tag and a digital route to your house, and hype it as a perfect game for online streaming and esports potential.

Phantom Dust almost sounds like it was made for today’s market, not the market of ten years ago. Maybe it was a little ahead of its time, and we didn’t even know it.

Check out the gameplay from the original below if you’re interested. It’s a solid, quirky game that every fan of online multiplayer should give a whirl.


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