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The original, classic X-COM is totally free for one day

by Joey Davidson | January 31, 2017January 31, 2017 7:00 pm PDT

The Humble Store has a deal anyone with an eye for classic PC gaming should take advantage of. They’re giving X-COM: UFO Defense away for free. This deal lasts, at the time of drafting this story, just over a day.

If you take advantage of the deal, which you totally should, you’ll get the game by way of a Steam key. So, you’ll need a Humble account and a Steam account, both of which are free. You should have both anyways if you game on PC.

This game is old, so expect a teeny tiny resolution to come with the glorious gameplay.

X-COM: UFO Defense is a classic

This is the game that kickstarted the X-COM series. It’s hard, it has old problems and it’s recognized as a classic. Sure, it’s normally cheap as dirt, but Humble’s tossing it out there for free. Satiate your classic curiosity and get it. Hit the source link below for the deal.


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