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SpamPSN is a ridiculous harassment service that attacks PlayStation players with spam

by Joey Davidson | January 30, 2017January 30, 2017 3:00 pm PDT

SpamPSN will send 25 identical messages every three minutes to the player of its user’s choice. That’s the current trend that’s plaguing PlayStation gamers.

The service is supposedly geared towards friends spamming friends, but anonymous users have been using it to hit streamers on Twitch. Kotaku did up a report about exactly that.

Listen, there’s an easy way to stop this nonsense. SpamPSN once offered a “blacklist” to users who don’t want spam. Just hand them $1 and they’d make it so you’d never be spammed again by their service. I’m pretty sure that’s what the mafia does, but whatever. They currently don’t offer that service, citing legality.

As of writing this story, SpamPSN has sent 41,960,428 messages.

Here’s how to stop services like SpamPSN, for free

If you fire up your PlayStation 4, head into settings, privacy settings and then messages, you can “choose who can send you messages.” Set that to either “Friends Only” or “No One.” You can see each step in order in the gallery below.


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