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Dubai firefighters use jetpacks to extinguish car accidents on bridges

by Ron Duwell | January 29, 2017January 29, 2017 8:00 am PST

Dubai Firefighter jet pack

Because the city of Dubai already wasn’t futuristic enough with its metallic and crystalline skyline, just look and see how its firefighters deal with car fires that erupt on bridges!

Traffic congestion and backups are now a thing of the past with bulky firetrucks never even having to drive onto the bridge. Instead, Dubai’s firefighter squad is trained to report to the incident via jet skis, and then, against all odds, put out the fire while balancing a hydro-powered jetpack!

These tools are refered to as “Dolphins,” and they very well may be the future of firefighting if they are as effective as they look.

A demonstration from the Dubai Civil Defence provides an epic look at how these firefighters go about their business with a mock fire on a bridge.

Man, why does Dubai get all the cool stuff?

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