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Spider-Man: Homecoming toys give us a better look at Spidey’s homemade suit

by Brandon Russell | January 27, 2017January 27, 2017 2:00 pm PDT

In Captain America: Civil War, we got the briefest look at Spider-Man’s (Tom Holland) homemade Spidey suit. Now, a new toy line from Hasbro—a tie-in for this year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming—is providing a more comprehensive look at the makeshift suit, which looks like something a little kid made.

The homemade costume is basically a sweatsuit with a red sock for a mask, along with gauntlets that allow Spider-Man to shoot his webbing. It’s fun to see what Spidey looked like before Tony Stark provided him with a more advanced suit. Spidey just doesn’t look as threatening while wearing pajamas.

The other toys included in the series aren’t quite as enjoyable as Spider-Man in his homemade costume, but they still look great. There’s one of Spidey wearing a backpack while shooting his webs. There’s another one of the superhero taking aim with a comically large canon attached to his arm.

While toys often provide clues as to what we might see in an upcoming movie, the arm canon is likely just for entertainment purposes. I mean, Spider-Man isn’t going to actually use an arm canon in Homecoming. Is he?

There’s also a Spider mobile

For good measure, Hasbro also unveiled a Spider mobile, which makes no sense but I’m sure is fun as hell to play with. When Spider-Man is capable of swinging above New York traffic, I don’t think he’d willingly get into a vehicle to travel around the city.

Expect these new Spidey toys to be available ahead of Homecoming’s July 7 release.


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