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President Trump won’t give up his “old, unsecured Android phone”

by Todd Haselton | January 25, 2017January 25, 2017 10:02 am PDT

Samsung Galaxy S III VS BlackBerry Z10 - S III Slider

Perhaps we spoke too soon. Just five days ago we covered a report that suggested President Donald Trump had traded in his Android smartphone for a more secure phone offered by the Secret Service. Turns out he didn’t really turn anything in.

The New York Times recently discussed some of the actions President Trump has taken and, at the end of the article, noted that he’s still tweeting and using his Android smartphone. Worse, it sounds like the device isn’t new, which means it’s even more prone to attacks that can still be executed on old software with unpatched security holes.

The New York Times specifically said Trump returned home with his family and “his old unsecured Android phone, to the protests of some of his aids — to keep him company.” Trump appears to have continued to tweet from the phone, despite suggestions that some of his staff might be doing so for him. In fact, Trump has said in the past that he sometimes dictates his tweets to aids who then post those messages to Twitter.

What phone does President Trump use anyway?

Perhaps it’s time Donald Trump’s new cyber-security chief Rudy Giuliani takes his phone away. Any guesses on what model phone President Trump uses? I’ve seen reports it’s a Samsung device. Galaxy S II? Note 7?

Todd Haselton

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