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Square Enix’s I am Setsuna joins the Nintendo Switch launch line-up

by Eric Frederiksen | January 23, 2017January 23, 2017 1:30 pm PST

The launch line-up for the Nintendo Switch started off small – and it still is – but it’s slowly growing and will likely continue to do so up until the March 3 release date. The latest game to join the line-up is Square Enix’s I am Setsuna.

Released originally for the PlayStation 4 back in February of 2016, I am Setsuna is the debut relase from developer Tokyo RPG Factory. It follows a character named, you guessed it, Setsuna and her quest to save her home and the people in it. The game is a full-on nostalgia-fest, taking inspiration from classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger.

Setsuna goes portable for the first time (kind of)

The Nintendo Switch version in particular is getting a new feature called Temporal Battle Arena that lets players fight in battles against other players’ parties. Square Enix is promising other Switch-exclusive features, but hasn’t fully detailed them just yet.

The Switch release of I am Setsuna will, for America, be the first time the game has been available on a handheld-style device. The game released in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, but only hit the former in the US. This is a digital only release.

Look for I am Setsuna to be available on Nintendo Switch on March 3.

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