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Nintendo Switch Japanese pre-order site goes down, spawns trend

by Joey Davidson | January 23, 2017January 23, 2017 6:00 pm PST

Nintendo Switch pre-orders went up in Japan. Some folks queued in lines around physical shops, while others turned officially to Nintendo for their new console.

Those who went to Nintendo found a website that buckled under the incoming traffic. The error page thrown up in surrender? Here it is.

NoJ Error Page

That Godzilla-like monster attacking a tower in (probably) Japan went on to spawn all sorts of jokes and memes from the Japanese side of social media. The beast was aptly named Nin Godzilla. Of course.

It’s even lead to some small online minigames. Here’s one that went by on Twitter. Yes, it’s goofy.

At least the bad news came with a cute monster

Nin Godzilla brought bad news with him, but at least he did it in an adorable way. If Nintendo knew what was good, they’d drop a quick smartphone game based on the drawing. Why not, right?

Nintendo’s working to resolve the site issues now. It’s been down for hours.


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